Getting around the island

Getting around the island

Ponza is little more than 7 kilometers with a single road that runs from its north by connecting the various villagges.

Internal mobility from June to September is regulated with three Limited traffic zones which limit it strongly.

For these reasons, we recommend to take the car only when absolutely necessary. For internal mobility are numerous services to tourists as public buses, taxis, luggage storage, rent a scooters and cars.

For those who want to take the car as a result, on the island there are two parking lots, Ponza Parking – Salvo Galano via rooftop and one in Santa Maria, and one unattended in Calacaparra zone.

The public bus service for 25 pax which links the various hamlets at a cost of € 1.5 each way per person. The start is located in the parking lot of Via banchina nuova, a few meters from the landing of the ship.

Luggage room, comfortable and in the center so as to make the most of the entire holiday period. Read more

For those who want to move more independently on the island you can be rented scooters, cars,

golf carts and e-bike.

Ponza Porto: Cooperativa Ponza Mare (golf carts and scooters) – Magi (scooter) – Giulio il pescatore (

scooters, golf carts, cars) – Pilato (scooters, golf carts, cars) – Morra (scooter) – Diva Luna (bicycles electrical)

Santa Maria: Albatros Le Forna: Garden (scooter)

For those who want a more comfortable and organized service, there are 12 taxi licenses. They be called

, be founded in the parks very close to the landings of ships and hydrofoils.