How to get to Ponza

 Formia – Terracina – Anzio – San Felice Circeo – Naples – Ventotene

Coming by car

Coming from Rome, Anzio is the closest port from where ferries depart also 7 per day during peak days. Those who are from the north and central Italy along the A1, we suggest the Frosinone exit to head towards Terracina. Also from the A1 but for those coming from the south of Italy, the best exit is Cassino to reach the port of Formia. Be very careful in Cassino Formia and because the road has many speed cameras.

In the ports of Terracina, Anzio and Formia are available Valet parking lots directly at the dock. On the island of Ponza, in summer, they are 3 limited traffic zones severely limit mobility by car considering the approximately 8 km of the driveway. Definitely bring your car only when necessary.

Coming by train We suggest the stations of Anzio or Formia / Gaeta that are a few hundred meters from their respective ports.


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