Boat rentals

Boat rentals
noleggio barche
Rental boats and zodiacs is the best solution to enjoy our sea. In complete autonomy, you can choose your favorite cove that will remain “yours” forever. Every corner of our island presents colors, caves and unique features that can be uncovered only by small boats.

You can choose the boat that suits you among our many charterers. If you prefer the comfort and space, then boats  and gozzi up to 6 meters are your choice. All with cushions, swimming ladder, awning antisole and icebox. The zodiac instead is the choice for those who love to run and move constantly.

But everyone can drive them? Yes . The license is only for the few boats above 40 horsepower.

I can go alone anywhere, even to the island of Palmarola? Yes, navigation is visible and you can not go wrong.

But it is difficult to guide them? No, forward, reverse and neutral. After 10 minutes

Want to relax without thinking about driving? Obviously there are fishing boats and boats with experienced sailor who will assist and will make the day truly memorable ….