Banche, sanità e sicurezza

Banks, Health and Safety

Banks, health and safety are assured on the island by a network of services that serve efficiently and residents, boosted in the summer, tourists. 


Health care is provided by an emergency room with air links to any emergencies to the best hospitals in the Lazio. And ‘active a prompt intervention with appropriate ambulances also the narrow streets and rugged island and a medical h24 that is heightened in the summer months. There is also a dialysis center to ensure treatment to residents and to those wishing to spend a holiday in complete safety. There are two pharmacies in Ponza port and a pharmaceutical garrison in Le Forna in summer.

MEDICAL GUARD: Days before holidays, night and holidays Tel: 0771779337 to 118

DIALYSIS CENTER PONZA: Reservation Tel: 0771809745

CLINIC: Loc.Tre Twenty TEL. 0771/80687

PHARMACY MAZZELLA: C.Pisacane Piazza TEL. 0771/80708


PARAPHARMACY: Le Forna – Via provicialeclose to the church


Security is provided both a sea and in the earth the bodies of the Coast Guard, Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza and the local police.

COAST GUARD: Molo Musco TEL. 0771/80027

FINANCE POLICE: Via Roma TEL. 0771/80168 POLICE: Molo Musco TEL. 0771/80130

LOCAL POLICE: Via Roma TEL. 0771/80754  

Banks and ATM

For banking or simply to withdraw cash at ATM, there are three banks, all in Ponza Port:     

POSTE ITALIANE – Le Forna – localinà “la piana”

MONTE DEI PASCHI di SIENA Piazza Dante    

POSTE ITALIANE – Via Panoramica