Where to eat

Eating in a restaurant in Ponza

Once in Ponza we must not neglect to discover and enjoy the island’s wine and food. Where do you eat well in Ponza? what is your recommend restaurant in Ponza? And ‘This is a very common question that can not be answered without embarrassment because in Ponza we eat very well just about anywhere. Our culinary tradition comes from the Neapolitan with some Roman influence. The fish is definitely the star of the menu, prepared as an appetizer, first and second course in many ways. In the tradition, but not present in the menu, are legumes such as peas, beans, chickpeas and grass peas. Returning to the restaurants, there’s a very extensive offer and for all budgets, but all united by an average high quality and a family-run.

Desserts island

Even the desserts are the Neapolitan tradition with Casatiello, typical Easter period, the donuts to St. Joseph and carnival and struffoli, for Christmas and end of year.

The wines

After speaking of eating, let’s see what drink to the restaurant? The local wines are based on Biancolella of Ponza, single center of Biancolella extra Campania. The wines are produced from vines swept by the sea wind and grown on the rocks, give a fragrant white, fruity and mineral as the peculiar Fieno of the Antiche Cantine Migliaccio and the Faro della Guardia of  Casale del Giglio.