Getting to Ponza

Reach the island with ease!

How to get to Ponza

If you are wondering how to get to Ponza, the answer is simpler than you imagine. Ponza can in fact be reached by various means of transport, however the last stretch can only be traveled by sea.

traghetti per ponza

Ferries to Ponza leave from Anzio, Formia and Terracina and connect the island with the ports of Lazio and Campania.

From Terracina:

– fast ferry: about 1 h

– ferry: about 2h and 30 min

From Formia:

– fast ferry: about 1 h and 20 min

– ferry: about 2h and 30 min

From Anzio:

– fast ferry: about 1 h and 40 min

From Napoli:

– fast ferry: circa 3 h

From San Felice Circeo:

– fast ferry: about 1h and 30 min

How to reach the ports for Ponza by car

From Rome

The nearest port is that of Anzio, from which 7 ferries per day connect the island to the land during peak days.

From the north and central Italy

Via A1 highway, we suggest Frosinone exit to head towards Terracina.

From southern Italy

Always from the A1 highway, the recommended exit to reach the port of Formia is Cassino. Be very careful driving between Cassino and Formia and respect the given speed limits because there are many speed cameras.


Guarded parking lots are available in the ports of Terracina, Anzio and Formia, with collection and delivery directly on the quay.

PAY ATTENTION: On the island of Ponza, during summer periods, 3 limited traffic zones (ZTL=Zona Traffico Limitato) limit mobility by car. We recommend that you bring your car only if necessary.

How to reach the ports for Ponza by train

We suggest Anzio or Formia / Gaeta railway stations which are a few hundred meters from their respective ports.