Luggage storage service regulations

by PONZA TOUR SRL, Via Corridoio 34 a Ponza (LT).

Art. 1


Meaning of the terms used in these rules:

LUGGAGE STORAGE: the area designated for people to leave luggage and/or small personal items, fixtures and related administrative organisation;

DEPOSITOR: the individual using the Luggage Storage service. The luggage storage service consists in storing luggage/items in automatic lockers/mini boxes from the day and time they are left until the day and time they are collected.

Art. 2


The charges for the storage and luggage storage services are established by Ponza Tour S.r.l. and are displayed in a visible way to the public within the Baggage Deposit.

Art. 3

Allowed luggage

Suitcases, baskets, bags and travel bags, as well as packages and similar can be left in storage within the limits of the capacity of the single deposit and through the payment of the fee as it is referred to in previous art. 2

Suitcases, baskets, bags and travel bags, packages and similar must be closed properly.

In any case, Ponza Tour S.r.l. is not liable for money, jewelry, precious metals, business documents and objects and other valuables in general left inside.

Luggage is left in the Luggage Storage by the owner and/or carrier or by their representative, or by the person materially in possession of the luggage.

After thirty days from the date of storage, particularly bulky packaging can be transferred to storage at another Ponza Tour S.r.l. warehouse, at the expense of the owner.

Art. 4

Luggage not permitted for storage

The following must not be stored on the premises:

a) Luggage containing goods or materials that are easily flammable, perishable, give off strong odours or that could cause a deterioration of the Luggage Storage infrastructure or damage to other luggage stored on the premises

b) valuable items.

Baggage in poor condition or in a state of bad conservation may be refused. An exception may be made, in special cases. In these cases, the depositor must provide a written declaration, with complete assumption of all risks, and the baggage storage is not liable for the bad condition and / or deterioration of the baggage and what is inside. In this case, upon receipt, the baggage handler must draw the attention of the depositor to the deficiencies found and make appropriate notes on the matrix and on the receipt referred to in the following art. 8.

Art. 5

Opening hours for the public

Opening hours for the public coincide with Ponziana Viaggi di Ponza Tour S.r.l. via Corridoio, 34, Ponza (LT) opening hours to public.

Art. 6

Luggage storage staff

The execution of the luggage storage and custody service is by the employees of Ponza Tour S.r.l. .

The aforementioned staff has the obligation to observe and enforce the rules relating to the exercise of the storage and custody of luggage; it is therefore given the right to collect the amounts relating to deposits, to sign receipts and to carry out all the operations and acts referred to in this Regulation.

Art. 7

Access to the Luggage Storage for service requirements

Access to the Luggage Storage is always permitted to the staff of Ponza Tour Srl who oversee and manage the service and to officers of the State Police, Finance Police and others belonging to law enforcement. THE CUSTOMER ACCEPTS THAT THESE OFFICERS HAVE THE RIGHT TO OPEN AND INSPECT THE LUGGAGE AT ANY MOMENT FOR SECURITY REASONS.

Art. 8

Luggage handling system

When introducing the baggage in the Deposit, Ponza Tour Srl employee will fill the appropriate form supplied to the Deposit itself.

The first part of the form (matrix), numbered consecutively, remains at the Baggage Deposit; the second part (receipt), bearing the same progressive number shown on the matrix, is left to the depositor; the third part (label) is attached to the checked baggage.

Indelible pen or pencil must be used to indicate on the matrix or receipt:

a) amount of packages;

b) date and hour of collection;

c) date and hour of return;

d) amount received for the deposit;

e) first and last name of the depositor.

f ) label number

Luggage storage staff is not required to check the identity of those requesting the deposit.

Art. 9

Luggage Return policy

The deposited luggage are returned to the holder of the receipt, after collecting the deposit amount, calculated on the basis of the rates referred to in the previous art. 2.

The baggage handler must verify, upon delivery, the only correspondence of the receipt presented by the person in charge of picking up the baggage and not also the identity of the depositor itself; however, if the luggage storage staff has serious doubts that the presenter of the receipt is not the legitimate owner of the packages, he must suspend the return and ask the depositor, owner of the receipt, for the necessary proof of guarantee. In the absence of these, the packages will remain in storage until the necessary checks are completed.

In this case, the luggage deposit can be released from the obligation to return baggage by depositing it, at the expense of the depositor, in accordance with art. 1777 of the Civil Code.

Art. 10

Failure to collect stored luggage

Once 90 days have elapsed since the luggage was left, any items not collected are considered abandoned and the Depositor will lose any right to compensation or reimbursement for them. The Luggage Storage may, at its discretion, sell and/or destroy and/or keep the luggage and its contents.

Art. 11


The Luggage Storage is not liable for any damage and/or natural deterioration of luggage or of personal items stored under its direct custody and not attributable to its negligence or to causes associated with storage. Luggage Storage is not liable in any capacity for damage or loss due to unforeseeable events, force majeure and/or natural occurrences such as, for example but not limited to, earthquake and/or high water.

Art. 12

Terms and conditions and amendments to the rules

By taking the receipt the Depositor fully accepts all the terms and conditions laid down in these Rules, a copy of which is available at Ponza Tour Srl offices.

Ponza Tour S.r.l. reserves the right to amend these Rules in light of experience and needs that may arise during actual performance of the activity covered by these Rules.