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Discover what to do in Ponza: Breathe the scent of the sea and experience Ponza through its beauties!

Living Ponza is much more than a day spent on the beach or the fun of the events that the island offers. Ponza is very small and for those who do not know it too much this could mean a static holiday, made only of beach, aperitifs and dinners. But its unsploiled nature make it much bigger that it seems.

Ponza is a continuous discovery, even for those who believe to know it thoroughly.

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Boat tour

price: from € 27,50 per person

Many boats and companies organize daily tours to visit our beautiful islands:

  • Tour of the island of Ponza and Tour of the island of Palmarola, during which you can discover all the bays of the islands.

  • Tour of the island of Zannone, which also includes an easy trek through the centuries-old oak forest.

  • Tour of Ponza and Palmarola, the most popular to

All tours include various stops for swimming and enjoying the day. The mini cruises last about 5 hours and include lunch (pasta, water, wine and coffee) served on board during one of the stops.

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Ponza’s caves boat trip

price: from € 12,50 to € 20 per person

A tour to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Ponza’s marvellous caves, between the crystal clear water and the geology that characterizes the area.

  • The tour includes a visit to the Caves of Pilate, the Emerald cave and the cave of Ulysses, up to the majestic Lighthouse of the Guard.

The tours of the caves are carried out both on goiters, for a maximum of 8 people, and on boats, until 50 people.

The goiter tour certainly allows you to deeply discover the caves, physically entering inside them to admire their splendid colors. A tour that will leave you speechless!

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Bus tour

price: € 10 per person

The tour of the island by bus is a unique opportunity to get to know Ponza far and wide. Thanks to this type of tour you can actually travel the whole island, from the port to the north end, passing through the colorful village of Santa Maria and the Fishermen’s village of Le Forna.

The road winds along cultivated fields, Mediterranean scrub, houses and courtyards. A 75-minutes trip during which two stops in panoramic viewpoints will allow you to enjoy the marvellous panorama and take unforgettable pictures.

It is possible to rent an audio guide to learn about the island's history, curiosities and information.

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Boat rent

Prices may vary

Boat and rubber dinghy rental is the best solution to enjoy the beautiful sea that surrounds the island of Ponza. This allows you to choose your own the cove of your heart and to discover all the most isolated and characteristic corners, reachable only with small boats.

In fact, everyone can drive boats that do not exceed 40 hp, for which a license is required. In complete freedom, and with extreme simplicity (yes, driving a boat today is child's play!), it will be possible to go anywhere, even to Palmarola, as navigation is visible so it will be impossible to make mistakes!

You can choose the most suitable boat for every need among our many charterers:

  • Lances and goiters up to 6 meters, for those who love comfort and space, with cushions, ladders to aid in climbing up the slide, sunshades and icebox;

  • rubber dinghies, for those who love to run and move continuously.

If, on the other hand, you think your stay in Ponza should be 100% relax, then experienced sailors will assist you throughout your trip, making your day at sea unforgettable.

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Trekking lovers and adventure seekers, now listen very carefully! The island offers beautiful and low difficulty routes, something that will leave you really breathless… Surrounded by a verdant nature, with a stunning view to the Tyrrhenian Sea and the island beaches, are you ready for magic?


Visit Ponza, Apartments, hotels, boat excursions and much more for a pleasant stay in Ponza.

+39 077180368

Via Corridoio 34 Isola di Ponza

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    Visit Ponza, Apartments, hotels, boat excursions and much more for a pleasant stay in Ponza.

    +39 077180368

    Via Corridoio 34 Isola di Ponza

    Sunday - Monday: 9.00 am - 8.00 pm