Where to eat in Ponza

Enjoy the enogastronomic offer of the island!

Where to eat in Ponza

Once in Ponza discover the enogastronomic offer of the island is a “must”. Where to eat well in Ponza? Do you recommend a particular restaurant in Ponza? These are very frequent questions one cannot but answer saying that we are spoilt for choice, because eating well in Ponza is so easy! Our culinary tradition derives from that of Campania region, Naples in particular, with some Roman influence. Seafood is the protagonist of every restaurant menus, prepared as an appetizer, first and second course. Typical of the island, but less present in restaurants, our traditional local dish also include legumes such as peas, lentils, broad beans, chickpeas and chicklings.

Talking about restaurants, in Ponza you will find a very wide offer, to suit every budget, where high quality meets the family business model.

The choice ranges from exclusive restaurants to taverns, from takeaways to pizzerias strictly with a wood-fired oven, as tradition demands. Some restaurants have panoramic terraces for romantic dinners, others are more fashionable and central.

Talking about desserts, these too are of Neapolitan tradition such as Casatiello, typical of Easter days, Zeppole di San Giuseppe, during carnival, and Struffoli, the traditional dessert for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

But it’s impossible to speak about food without sipping an excellent glass of wine

If you are wondering what to drink, local wines are based on Biancolella of Ponza, the only presidium of Biancolella outside Campania region. The wines are produced from vines caressed by the sea wind and grown on the rocks, giving a fragrant, savory and mineral flavor like the very special Fieno delle Antiche Cantine Migliaccio and Faro della Guardia di Casale del Giglio.

But don’t forget the beauty of cooking at home!

The fun of cooking fresh seafood by yourself is an experience not to be missed in Ponza? For a dinner on the terrace with friends or for a romantic candlelit dinner on the balcony, explore Ponza on every side!